Why your stropping technique might need improvement

99% of new straight razor shavers ruin their edges on strops. Either from applying too much pressure, letting the strop sag, or simply going to fast. Here is how you stay out of that mess! 1. Lighten the pressure you apply on the strop. It should be almost no pressure at all with the weight … Read more

Palm stropping, the barbers secret weapon

What if I told you that your skin is a better straight razor strop than the most expensive leather you can buy? While it seems like an obscure method, the softness of skin provides the ultimate finishing strop before a shave. It is a long lost skill that was well known by the best barbers … Read more

Do you know straight razor anatomy?

This visual guide shows you everything you need to know. Not to mention this is one beautiful Nichiri Co. King Pelikan blade! Can you spot the little quirk on this razor? Hint. It has to do with spelling. Click the picture below to supersize.

Web shop now open!

Welcome to the official Shave Armory web shop. This shop was created to give YOU the smoothest shaves possible with vintage wet shaving tools from around the world with a specialization in high performance, eye catching and rare vintage straight razors. As you may know, this shop has been around for a while and has … Read more