Why your stropping technique might need improvement

99% of new straight razor shavers ruin their edges on strops. Either from applying too much pressure, letting the strop sag, or simply going to fast. Here is how you stay out of that mess!

1. Lighten the pressure you apply on the strop. It should be almost no pressure at all with the weight of the blade doing most of the work.

2. Pull your strop tight. Not crazy tight but enough to make it straight when the blade passes over the strop. If it is too loose you can easily roll the edge of your blade.

3. My special tip. Shape the strop with your hand so that it is slightly convex as shown in the photos in this post. This helps ensure that the edges of the strop do not push into the edge. This is a common cause of strange deformations in a razor after stropping.

Enjoy and happy shaving! 😀🔪💈

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